Your support

During your time with us, you’ll enjoy being part of a dynamic community of online learners and you’ll benefit from interaction with fellow students and academic staff members.

The University of Edinburgh is committed to making sure that our students have a fulfilling and enjoyable time during their studies. Together with the programme team, there are a number of University services on hand to support our students in all aspects of their studies.

Your first point of contact for support issues will either be with the Online Learning Team or your Personal Tutor.

The Online Learning Team are the support staff who work in close partnership with your Personal Tutor, the member of academic staff who will support your learning and advise you on programme-specific issues. Your Personal Tutor also has responsibility for your pastoral care and well-being during your studies. They will support and guide you with any issues you may encounter and can put you in touch with a range of specialist support services in the University.

Closer to the start of your studies, the Online Learning Team will send you details of your Personal Tutor. You will then have the opportunity to meet with your Personal Tutor – either by phone; email or Skype – during the induction period to discuss your studies and any queries you may have.

Support for learning

If you declared a disability in your application, you will be contacted as a matter of course by the Student Disability Service to advise you of the support available to you during your studies. The SDS provides support for students experiencing a broad range of conditions for which they might require assistance to get the most out of their learning. If you require assistance, you can discuss this with one of the Student Disability Services team and appropriate support will be provided.

It is really important that you take the opportunity to contact the Student Disability Service as early as possible, so that they can discuss your requirements and set up appropriate support before you commence study. In most cases, this will involve devising an adjustment schedule for each of your courses, which will be circulated to teaching teams so that they can ensure that they’re providing you with the support you need.

The Online Learning Team ( will also prompt you about ensuring that you have support in place.

If you think that you will need additional support but did not declare a disability in your application, please contact the Online Learning Team as soon as possible after receiving your offer, so that they can advise you.

Additional Services

  • The Institute for Academic Development provides support for study, including a range of study skills workshops, self-study learning resources, and advice to help students succeed in their studies.
  • Edinburgh University Students’ Association are on hand to make sure that all students – on-campus and online – have the best possible experience while at university, through academic and social support or facilities that they provide.
  • The Careers Service provides advice and information for students to help them develop their potential and guide them in working towards a fulfilling career path. While many of our online students are already busy working professionals, the Careers Service can help with shaping future career plans post-study.
  • The Student Counselling Service support the mental health of all students at the University, through short term counselling and referral to other support services. The team can help students identify and deal with the problems they face during their studies.