What’s it like to study online?

What does it mean to study online?

A key advantage of choosing to study entirely online is that you will be able to balance professional or personal commitments with flexible learning. You can choose where and when you study without ever needing to relocate to attend classes on campus.

None of our courses have a ‘live’ teaching session, which means you can log in to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at times convenient to you each week to work through the course materials and participate in asynchronous discussions with your academic tutors and fellow students from all around the world. Regular participation is very important to a high quality online experience for everyone. We expect students to spend around 10-15 hours each week per course but it is totally up to you how to spread the hours around each week.

As an online learner you will also have extensive 24/7 access to library e-resources to undertake reading and research on the topics covered in the teaching week.

Please try not to worry “what if I’m struggling with an essay, what if my study skills are rusty” etc. There is plenty of help available for online students so you should never feel you are on your own in your self-study environment! You will be well-supported from the beginning of your study and throughout.

What are the technical requirements?

You must have regular access to a computer with a good internet connection. Although we wouldn’t recommend completing course assessments on a mobile phone or tablet device, all of the course materials are accessible via mobile devices.

To get the most from your study, you should have an up-to-date web browser, for example Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Online readiness

In order to study online, you will need the commitment to study independently.
Before you commence your postgraduate study with us, please make sure:

  1. you have regular access to a computer & the Internet;
  2. your personal computer or device & internet service provider is reliable;
  3. you’re confident in your computer technology & skills;
  4. you’re able to balance your study in & around work, family & any other commitments;
  5. you can commit to studying for around 10 – 15 hours per week per course, increasing around assessment time;
  6. you’re self-motivated to learn independently as well as in a group;
  7. you have a private space where you can study;
  8. you’re confident in your ability to communicate as an online learner;
  9. you can keep yourself on track and on time;
  10. you take the time to look after yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help