Course selection

Edinburgh Law School has two ten-week semesters each year:

  • Semester: September – December
  • Semester: January – March

When do I select courses? (September 2022 entry)

Once you have accepted your unconditional offer and paid your deposit, our Online Learning Team will contact you in regards to your preferences from mid-July onwards.

Course selection:

  • Mid-July: Course selection opens
  • 08 August: Course selection closes

Please do not contact us with your individual course choices, we will send surveys from mid-July and begin course allocation in early September.

How do I select courses?

The Online Learning Team will contact you in regards to your course preferences. An email survey will be sent to you to give you the opportunity to communicate your preferences to the Online Learning Team. The survey will ask you to list the courses you’re interested in taking in the January semester. You’ll be asked to select your preference for subsequent years in due course.

The number of courses you’ll take each year and each semester, depends on your route of study

How do I know what courses are available to me?

You can look up detailed course information for your programme of study on the University’s Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study website.

Find out more about the courses offered on your programme

What happens after I have selected my courses?

Once course selection has closed, the Online Learning Team and Edinburgh Law School staff will review and approve the choices that you have made.

If we have any queries we will contact you by email so please check your email account daily during the approval period and reply to queries without delay.

Please note that while every effort is made to support student choices, placement on any course is subject to availability in order to ensure optimum class size.

Choosing your courses

Courses are offered once in an academic year. Details of the courses available will be provided in advance. Each semester you will choose the course(s) you wish to study in that particular semester. Courses are then allocated.

The allocation process is intended to support student choices as much as possible, while taking account of optimum class sizes for specific courses.

Class sizes

Class sizes have typically ranged from 15 to 25 students in the past. If more students request a course than can be allocated, students who need to take the course in order to fulfil core programme requirements will have priority and others may be asked to defer that course choice to a later year of study.

Terms and conditions

Please note the University reserves the right to make variations to the contents of programmes, including the range of courses offered, and the available choice of courses in any given year may change.

Find out more about the University’s terms and conditions

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of demand for particular courses, we may not be able to run all courses as advertised come the start of the academic year.